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Erika is one of the most authentic and intuitive and beautiful women I know.  She is devoted to the empowered mother and the raising of free-thinking and healthy children!  With two little girls and a husband of her own, I have watched Erika live her message that a mother is more than just a mother; mothers are women with passions and paths, and it is possible, and more so pertinent, that they keep these fires alive.  For in doing so, these divine women teach their children how to live in freedom, love, abundance and infinite possibility.  These energies become the keystones of our next generations, and furthermore, we 
craft a world that lives by love.  Erika has a rich background with the body, natural motherhood, holistic health coaching, holistic living, meditation, consciouslanguage, self-love, chiropractic, natural beauty, super foods, soul food, and intuition.  She listens profoundly and loves unconditionally.  She is committed to a new paradigm for mothers.  One in which loving your children and your passions are inclusive.  One in which, you mustn't wait until the kids are in college to return to your greatest experience in life, your beautiful and sacredly feminine self dancing with her radiant life purpose.  If you are a mother who feels like you might be struggling with prioritizing yourself, owning your self-worth, or totally neglecting self-care, Erika is your goddess of a guide back to living for you again.  Erika will gracefully and intuitively teach you that the more you REALLY love and put yourself first, the more you love your children, and the more our world lives on love.

Jessica McCleskey Hood of Love Your Body Like A Goddess



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